Target Is No Longer Accepting In-Store Returns!

In recent news, Costco announced they would no longer accept returns when it comes to high-demand items and now Target is following in their footsteps. Target announced they will no longer accept in-store returns for at least the next three weeks due to the coronavirus. CEO Brian Cornell said in a statement,

"To be extra cautious, Target will stop accepting in-store product returns and exchanges for the next three weeks. But don’t worry if you have a return that expires during that period, because we’ll still honor them three weeks past the holding period."

Unlike Costco, this applies to all returns and exchanges not just high-demand items. Also effective immediately, Target employees will no longer handle reusable bags. Paper and plastic bags will be available at checkout, and they will waive any fees associated with using them. They will also go even further when it comes to the health and safety of their customers and employees by cleaning the checkout lanes after each guest interaction.

He said, "dedicated team members will guide guests in line while that happens. For the foreseeable future, our stores will rotate the use of our check lanes to allow those not in use to be deep-cleaned."

What do you think about this?

Photo Credit: Getty Images

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